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Special Silent Auction Item up for Bid

We normally auction items at our APEX Night Event, but this year we have a time sensitive item that just cannot wait. DCSF is trying out a new online auction solution for this item only. Be advised of the following restrictions:

Ten Dennison sixth grade students have the opportunity to spend the afternoon with their amazing sixth grade teachers and the Colorado Avalanche! Highest ten bids will get to see the Avs warm up on the ice before the game, sit in second row, behind-the-goal seats, during the game against the Anaheim Ducks. After a thrilling game, students and teachers will visit the Pepsi Center press box to see first-hand how the announcers and sports reporters watch and report the game. Don’t miss out on this wonderful auction item.

WARNING: Please do not bid on this item unless you have or intend to sponsor a current sixth grader from Dennison Elementary School to participate in a special sixth grade outing with Dennison sixth grade teachers on Apr 9th, 2016. Proof of enrollment as a sixth grader at Dennison will be required to receive the winning ticket.
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