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Our Mission

The mission of the Dennison Community Support Fund the Fund is to provide financial support to Dennison Elementary School, its programs, and its students, in order to further Dennison’s mission of providing a rigorous academic education that prepares all Dennison students for a successful future.

The Fund will operate in collaboration with the Dennison community, including parent groups and committees, teachers, administration and students, in determining the specific scope and focus of its efforts.

The Fund will strive to distribute money raised through fundraising activities and donations to benefit current Dennison students as well as anticipating future needs of the school.
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Make Sure You RSVP

You only have a few more days to RSVP for the Gala. The deadline is Wednesday, April 12th.
The Gala is the first event of its kind.
You won't want to miss it!

Please send in your dinner reponse

You only have a few more days to RSVP for the Gala. The deadline is Wednesday, April 12th.
Click on the image below to download a copy of the dinner response form
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A big Thank You goes out to all our
volunteers, bakers, and participants!

what we have funded in the past

  • Books, books, and more books

    Dennison is a textbook based educational program. Current Common-Core standards will require changing selected textbooks. DCSF will provide the funds when needed.

  • Smart Boards

    Smart boards provide a multimedia experience for whole class instruction.

  • Document Projectors

    Document projectors used with the Smart boards let students read along with the teacher.

    Voice Amplifiers

    Voice amplifiers ensure students hear their teacher’s instructions.

  • Video Microscopes

    Video Microscopes round out the science program. Students get to see exactly what the teacher needs them to see.

    Science Kits and Other Classroom Consumables

    Science kits are not the only thing DCSF purchases to help teachers engage students. DSCF also purchases work books and other consumable teaching aids.

how we fund our school

how you may help

Click on any of the topics below to discover how you might help us meet our goals
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  • Make a Cash Donation

    Cash Donations Make Up About a Third of our Revenue

    The Dennison Community Support Fund (DCSF) is a 501.c.3 registered with the state of Colorado. You may download our donation form and you may use your donation for tax purposes. You may also use the Donate button below to contribute directly to the Dennison Community Support Fund.
    We Appreciate Your Support!
  • Use our Grocery Cards

    Meet Margo

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    Margo will supply you with a Kings Soopers Card or Safeway card that you may reload every time you shop for groceries. Pay with the card and DCSF gets a percentage of each purchase. All your trips to the store grow our fund by about $15,000 (annually.)

    Where do you like to shop for groceries?

    Kid Mail is an affectionate term for sending something home with one of your students.
    Kid Mail is an affectionate term for sending something home with one of your students.
  • Purchase SCRIPS Cards

    Meet Margo and Matt

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    Either Margo or Matt will supply you with a variety of Scrips Gift Cards that you may use at nearly every place you love to shop, eat, or play. You pay for and get to use the full value of the card, and a small percentage comes back to DCSF. This program nets about $5,000 (annually.)

    Here are just a few cards we keep in stock for your convenience.

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What is your name?
[scrips1], what is your email address?
Which cards would you like to purchase?
Please include the Name of the Card, the Quantity, and the Denomination. Below are examples:

Target 3 x $100
Walmart 1 x $500
Coldstone Creamer 4 x $10
$500 Walmart Card
[scrips1], how would you like to arrange for pick-up?
OPTION 1: I would like to meet with Matt in the morning.
OPTION2: I would like to leave a check in the office and then have my cards sent via KidMail.
Kid Mail is an affectionate term for sending something home with one of your students.
[scrips1], may I have your phone number to coordinate a meeting time?
Your phone number is optional. If you do not provide a phone number, I will contact you via email.
[scrips1], please provide the name of a student and your student's grade.
We need to know which of your students will bring home the cards after you pay with a check that you leave at the office.
What grade is your student in?
Who is your child's teacher?
Ms. Gershon
Ms. Parra
Ms. Seely
Who is your child's teacher?
Ms. Berndt
Ms. Lovell
Ms. Lundelius
Ms. Neptune
Who is your child's teacher?
Ms. Carpenter
Ms. Krueger
Ms. McCormick
Ms. Rodgers
Who is your child's teacher?
Ms. A. Hancock
Ms. Karamigios
Mr. Lavelle
Ms. Wheatley
Who is your child's teacher?
Ms. Grims
Ms. M. Hancock
Mr. Hoffmeister
Ms. Lowry
Who is your child's teacher?
Ms. Abrams
Ms. Graham
Ms. Hampson
Ms. Lorenzen
Who is your child's teacher?
Ms. Choun
Mr. Monroe
Ms. Zgabay
Thanks for taking the time to fill out the form. Please verify your contact info below and click the button to submit the info to us.

Name: [scrips1]
Contact: [scrips2]
Delivery Option: [scrips4]
Delivery Contact: [scrips5][scrips6]
Student's Teacher: [scrips7a][scrips7b][scrips7c][scrips7d][scrips7e][scrips7f][scrips7g]
This is an auto reply message from DCSF to confirm we received a SCRIPS card order: [scrips3]

Thank you for supporting the SCRIPS program and the Dennison Community Support Fund.
Message Received!
Thank you, [scrips1]. We will contact you after we receive the cards to arrange delivery.

when and where we meet

We typically meet on the first Thursday of each month in the Dennison Elementary Learning Materials Center (LMC.) The meeting starts at 5:30 pm and ends by 6:30 pm. Come join us at a meeting and learn more about what do and how we do it.

our main event is coming soon

APEX Night Dinner, Fun, and Silent Auction

APEX Night is this Friday

April 8, 2016
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Walk-ins are welcome
Dinner is only for those who pre-paid


APEX Night Silent Auction

APEX Night is a huge event. Dennison families dine on a catered meal and donated deserts from our many baker volunteers. After dinner, kids play in the swimming pool, climb on the rock wall, skate on an indoor skating rink, or adventure in the kid's treehouse for our younger folk. Parents can participate in a silent auction and socialize with friends. APEX Night is DCSF's premiere event.

However, there is much work in preparation for the silent auction, setting up the dinner, and presenting all the donated items. We need parents to help gather items for the baskets and art projects. These items bring in top dollar amounts. The success of this event is largely due to the generosity of our community members and parent volunteers working together for one fun night. Please consider donating your time, especially if you cannot give financially.
What is Apex Night?
Apex Night and Silent Auction
Apex Night is a family outing to the Apex Center in Arvada where kids and parents can engage in a variety of sporting events and fun. Traditionally, there has been a catered dinner and of course, the Silent Action.

For the Silent Auction to be successful, DSCF is asking businesses and individuals who can donate a good or service to contact an auction coordinator by
clicking here. Please tell us what it is you would like to donate in your message.

Apex Center Features
  • Two NHL ice rinks with electric Zambonis
  • 23,000 square feet of indoor water fun: body and tube slide rides, zero-depth water playground, vortex pool, activity pool, lap pool, adult and family hot tubs
  • Natural rock climbing wall
  • Three full-sized gymnasiums
  • Cardiovascular/weight/conditioning area
  • Group Cycling, Pilates and massage in the Edge Wellness Studio
  • Free indoor playground for young children
  • Elevated indoor walking/running track
  • Spacious locker rooms including family locker rooms
  • Open, airy design, fun Colorado mining themes, waterfalls and natural areas
  • Natural, park-like setting next to walking/biking trail

Apex Center Clubhouse Adventure Playground

The Apex Center Clubhouse is a paradise of creative and interactive play possibilities for ages 1-10, unless an older child is accompanying a younger sibling. There are tubes, ladders, slides and all sorts of other exciting features. Children imagine they’re in a giant tree house as they romp through the spacious, multi-level play area containing simulated water features, hollow logs and fun playhouse themes. Children ages 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult.